Code Pipeline With Jenkins, Docker On AWS Training

Code Pipeline With Jenkins, Docker On AWS Training Overview

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To understand the working of CI/CD(Continues Integration/Continues Delivery) with Jenkins, and introduction to  Containaration with Docker, and deploying the application on the local premise and the cloud with AWS service.

Code Pipeline With Jenkins, Docker On AWS Training Objective

Learn how to auto-set and deploy notifications in AWS CodeDeploy, and learn why CIs and CDs are critical–particularly in the quick start-up environment. Understand more about continuous integration (CIs), and continuing deployment (CDs). Creating Docker Machine Setup, Seeding Docking / Docking Instance on EC2, establishing an AWS CodePipeline, Jenkins, and AWS CodeDeploy combined CI and CD network and running virtual machine instances from AWS EC2.

Code Pipeline With Jenkins, Docker On AWS Training Audience

Anybody interested to be a DevOps engineer or any software developer or tester who needs to understand the end-to-end flow of development to deployment.

Code Pipeline With Jenkins, Docker On AWS Training Prerequisites

Basic understanding of what is CI/CD, and exposure to know microservice concept is good. It should show how the cloud works, and creating a simple instance like ec2 and accessing with the terminal.  Good to have an understanding as how virtual computer works.

Code Pipeline With Jenkins, Docker On AWS Training Outline

  •       Software build and release processes
  •       Why implement continuous integration, delivery and deployment
  •       A simple CD pipeline with AWS CodePipeline and AWS CodeDeploy
  •       Introduction
  •       Virtual Machines vs Docker Containers
  •       VMs vs Docker Containers in the Real World
  •       Visualizing Docker’s Architecture
  •       Introduction
  •       Docker Community Edition vs Docker EE
  •       Docker Toolbox vs Docker for Mac / Windows
  •       Verifying You Have Docker Installed
  •       Hello World with Docker
  •       Docker Images and Containers
  •       Downloading and Storing Docker Images
  •       Explaining the Docker Build Process
  •       Introduction
  •       A Simple Web Application with Docker
  •       Creating a Docker file
  •       Building and Pushing Docker Images
  •       Running Docker Containers
  •       Live Code Reloading With Volumes
  •       Debugging Tips and Tricks
  •       Linking Containers With Docker Networks
  •       Persisting Data to Your Docker Host
  •       Sharing Data between Containers
  •       Optimizing Your Docker Images
  •       Running Scripts When a Container Starts
  •       Cleaning Up After Yourself
  •       Introduction
  •       Why Is It Worth Learning Docker Compose?
  •       Adding Docker Compose Support to Our Web App
  •       Managing Our Web App with Docker Compose
  •       Docker Compose API v1 / v2 / v3
  •       Managing Micro services with Docker Compose
  •       AWS CodePipeline
  •       How AWS CodePipeline works?
  •       AWS CodeDeploy
  •       How AWS CodeDeploy works?
  •       Deployment with AWS CodeDeploy
  •       Jenkins
  •       How Jenkins works?
  •       Continuous delivery with AWS CodePipeline, Jenkins and AWS CodeDeploy
  •       Project setup
  •       CI & CD with relational databases
  •       Project component setup
  •       Setup Node.JS HAPI RESTful API project
  •       Setup sqitch (database schema management framework)
  •       CI and CD pipeline deep dive
  •       Setup AWS roles and prerequisites
  •       Setup Jenkins in AWS EC2
  •       Create AWS CodeDeploy application
  •       Review appSpec.yml file
  •       Setup Jenkins job
  •       Build CD pipeline with AWS CodePipeline




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