Effective Team Building Training

Effective Team Building Training Overview

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Team building programs, the entire program focuses on improving the group dynamics of the target team. Therefore, first of all, all the team members of the group should be present for such team building programs.

Effective Team Building Training Objective

  • To enhance interpersonal skills by improving interpersonal communication to build effective teams
  • To learn basic interpersonal skills that employees can use & develop
  • Speak with more confidence and listen carefully to build rapport
  • Managing emotions well to strengthen relationships
  • How important is to empathize with each other to strengthen the relationship
  • Interpersonal skills in teams to avoid conflict and build trust
  • Understand the impact of time management on Productivity.
  • Understanding Stressors and working with them to optimize performance

Effective Team Building Training Audience

  • Project managers
  • Managers
  • Team leader

Effective Team Building Training Prerequisites

  • The desire to form a great team.
  • The desire to initiate the process of bringing a team to a state of high performance.

Effective Team Building Training Outline

  • Interpersonal skills fundamentals – forming, storming, norming and performing
  • Factors that build trust in a team
  •  Factors that affect and break trust in a team
  • Understanding Trustworthiness
  • A basic introduction to DiSC profiling
  • how we can deal with different people with different emotions
  • The need for Assertive Communication
  • Define conflict
  •  Understand the nature of conflict
  •  Relate to conflicts at the workplace
  • Types of Conflict
  • Respond, don’t react. Application of Emotional Intelligence
  • Importance of controlling emotions when conditions are not positive
  • Emotions displayed through body language
  • Know your role towards the bigger picture
  • Be honest
  • How to use time wisely?
  • How to make changes through feedback?
  • How to accept a feedback positively?
  • Helping others to take accountability
  • How to build trust and good interpersonal skills with team members?
  • How to solve conflicts between teams?
  •  How to apply diplomacy with tact to get the work done?


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