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POSH Training Overview

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As enshrined in the preamble to the Indian Constitution, “equal status and opportunity” for all citizens must be guaranteed. Each day, more and more women enter the workforce by expanding access to education and opportunities. Unfortunately, nearly 60% of them are vulnerable to constant sexual harassment at work. The worst denial of women’s rights to freedom and dignity is sexual harassment. It is not just a violation of women’s fundamental rights, but also a loss of motivation and productivity at work. It is viewed as a potent form of violence against women.

POSH Training Objective

  • Explains in detail the sources of the PoSH Act 2013 or the Workplace Act 2013
  • Defines what sexual harassment is and explains the impact of such behavior on women
  • Educates employees about sexual harassment at the workplace
  • Concentrations on key institutions and people involved in prohibiting sexual harassment of women
  • Teaches employees the necessity of reporting harassment promptly to SHe-Box
  • Emphasizes that no form of sexual harassment in any organization will be tolerated
  • Discuss how the redress mechanism is implemented with the assistance of the complaints committee
  • Comes with an industry valid course completion certificate of POSH training

POSH Training Audience

Any person who can be a worker / employee / employer / executive / member of the board / HR / advocate who works in the private / public / government sector. The course teaches about sexual harassment in the workplace and their right to an informed complaint process in obtaining justice in compliance with the established law and regulations.

POSH Training Prerequisites

The course is designed to raise awareness of the zero-tolerance stand of the organizations on workplace sexual harassment. The program briefly explains the law and gets buy-in on the importance of having an inclusive work environment that respects men and women alike. Participants learn to recognize and avoid situations in which language and/or behavior cross the line and are viewed as harassment through specific case situations.

POSH Training Outline

  • Some examples & case situations.
  • Two or three case situations to explain gender sensitivity, what it is and what it’s not. Being Gender-Sensitive is a legal requirement.
  • Respect at the workplace – Setting the right culture, the environment within teams and departments.
  • Hypothetical &: interactive case studies.
  • Basics of constitutional interpretation in civil and criminal matters.
  • Criminal provisions under the act.


  • Identifying the duties of Employers.
  • Constitution of Internal Complaints Committee.
  • Hypothetical Case studies.
  • What is ICC and how does it works, detailing of the committee, rights etc.
  • Do and Don’ts of The Complaints Committee.
  • Conciliation as an option
  • Gender Sensitization –right set of etiquettes and Communication.
  • Duties , Responsibilities relating to Prevention, Prohibition & Redressal of Sexual harassment complaints during Enquiries etc.
  • Redressal Mechanisms in place
  • Complaints Procedure & how to handle a posh case on receipt of Complaint.
  • Duties , Responsibilities relating to Prevention, Prohibition & Redressal of sexual harassment complaints during Enquiries etc.
  • Inquiry process & Recommendations.
  • False Complaint & Law of limitation


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