Selenium Foundation Training

Selenium Foundation Training Overview

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Testing web applications with browser or mobile devices have become an integral part, selenium has become the core. This course will help you to automate web application of any browser. Testing countless web pages would tedious work for any human, but that is the integral part of any software system which is built, either on desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet.

Selenium Foundation Training Objective

Automation of websites with Selenium
Understanding XML/HTML document
Extracting XPATH, and writing XPATH
Performing E2E with java
Testing with recording and replaying process and a scheduling design.
HTML pages, buttons, drop-down, radio button, checkboxes and text elements
working with browsers like google chrome, firefox, edge, Internet Explorer.

Selenium Foundation Training Audience

Anybody who wants to be an automation tester interested will be performing end-to-end testing, the course is crafted in such a way that the business people can also be enrolled, with little or no technical knowledge.

Selenium Foundation Training Prerequisites

Participants should be aware of any of the OOP’s language, Java is preferred, though the basics of java training are done. And good to have manual testers.

Selenium Foundation Training Outline

Java Basics
Understanding Java Arrays
Why need Class and Methods
OOPS and Packages
Generics and Collections
1. Maps
2. Sets
3. Lists
1. Understanding pre-defined exception
2. Creating user defined exception
Writing first program to store and retrieve data from file.

What is Selenium Uses
Features of Selenium Tool
Different Components of Selenium
Difference between Selenium and other tools
Selenium IDE

Record and Run the script in Selenium IDE
Export script from IDE and run the script in Eclipse IDE
View and Analyze Test Results
Pros and Cons of Selenium IDE

XPath, Object Identification tools
Xpath- Siblings, Ancestor, Parent & Child, Xpath Functions
Use of Browser Inspector
FireBug & FirePath
Element Locator for WebDriver
XPath Helper Plug-in for Chrome

Overview of Selenium Webdriver, pros and cons, Extracting Xpaths, CssSelectors
Downloading and configuring Java WebDriver in eclipse, WebDriver Interface, Working with Firefox, IE, Chrome browsers
Set Up Selenium WebDriver
Set Up WebDriver Client
Configure Eclipse with WebDriver
First Test Case with FireFox Browser
Running Test on Chrome Browser
Running Test on IE Explorer
Internet Explorer Driver Server
Firebug, FirePath

WebDriver Commands
Browser Navigation Commands
WebElement Commands
FindElements Commands
Check Box & Radio buttons
Drop Down & Multiple Selects



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