Selenium Intermediate Training

Selenium Intermediate Training Overview

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Doing deep dive to write clean selenium scripts, and to address the customer needs. Understanding how the real world works, with automation. This course leverages to have data pulled and stored from external files or databases.

Selenium Intermediate Training Objective

Working with jUnit/TestNG, creating test case, test suite,
Creating parameterization with testing framework.
To capture the screenshot of the test cases.
Invoking the same or multiple test cases repeatedly.
Working with frames
Writing native browser code with selenium
writing program which supports double click drag and drop etc.
Handling window(s) in various browsers.
Handling alerts, and scaffolding the readymade project with Maven.
Creating generic code for the test cases written
Introduction to Page Object Model framework

Selenium Intermediate Training Audience

Participants should have undergone a foundation level of selenium training or should have got a good understanding of selenium API with good programming knowledge in Java. This course is well suited for software testers, manual tester

Selenium Intermediate Training Prerequisites

Participants should be aware of writing simple selenium scripts, understanding, and writing custom XPATH.

Selenium Intermediate Training Outline

Writing foundation test cases with TestNG / jUnit

Drop Down & Multiple Selects
WebTable Handling
Understanding browser wait/field wait
Synchronization (implicit wait, explicit wait & fluent wait)
Conditional Statements (If-Else…)
Looping Statements (For, While…)
Read text/values from Web Page
Enter values into elements/objects

Introduction to action classes
Invoking JavaScript from selenium
Opening new window from selenium with JavaScript custom function
Performing Keyboard Operations using Actions, Robot
1. Enter
2. Scroll Down-Up

3. Key Down
4. Page Down-Up
Performing Mouse Operations like
1. Mouseover
2. Right click
3. double click
4. Drag and drop
JavaScript Executor to perform
1. sending values
2. Scroll up-down
3. Alert
4. Click
Capturing screen shots of failed or pass cases

What is data driven testing
Introduction to parameterization
Executing the test case with different hard coded values
Parameterizing the test scripts using excel
Read, Write the data into/from excel
Working with CSV with reader and writer classes
Working with XLSX file with Apache POI API
Implementation of exception handling in selenium
Handling windows

How to handle multiple browsers, Multiple Tabs
Handling Alerts
Handling windows alerts using robot
Frames & Child frames
Introduction to Testing Framework TestNG & Junit
Validations (asset, verify)
Integrate with Selenium scripts

Introduction to Maven
Knowing different life cycles stages of Maven
Creating MAVEN project (with CMD line and Eclipse IDE)
Configuring with selenium and java
Build/Run the build
How to convert Java project into Maven and Vice-versa
Writing Selenium Scripts Generic Way
Encouraging the user of reusability with POJO
Introduction to POM – Page Object Model



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