Spring Boot Training

Spring Boot Training Overview

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Spring boot is an open-source Java-based framework for the creation of a microservice. The Pivotal group develops it. You can easily create an independent micro application with Spring Boot. You don’t have to install a separate web server to write the service. The Spring Boot offers full microservice network support to build enterprise ready-to-run applications, as well as any other java program. The Spring Boot is best suited to integrate with other tools and libraries.

Spring Boot Training Objective

  • Understand the traditional trends of current system architectures
  • Understand the difference between the monolithic applications and microservice architecture 
  • Understanding distributed architecture and knowing how the real world works
  • Integrating complex application and white labeling 

Spring Boot Training Audience

This guide is intended for Java developers to learn and develop ready-to-use spring applications with minimal configuration. Spring boot features like starters, auto-setups, beans, actuator, and more are discussed here. At the end of this tutorial, you will acquire intermediate expertise in Spring Boot.

Spring Boot Training Prerequisites

This course is intended for writers with Java, Spring, Maven, or Gradle. If you know Java, Spring, JPA is an advantage to be able to store in DB. Then you can easily understand Spring boot concepts. It is an advantage if you have an idea to write a RESTful Web Service. If you are a novice, we suggest you follow some course on java and introduction to spring before moving on with Spring Boot.

Spring Boot Training Outline

Learn How To Install Spring Tool Suite

 Learn How To Build A Project

 Spring Boot External Configuration Approaches

Spring Boot Importing Bean Configurations

Spring Boot Managing Dependencies

Spring Boot Autoconfiguration

 Building Microservices With Spring Microservices  MonolithsPreview

 Building Microservices With Spring Microservice Architecture

 Building Microservices With Spring Microservices Demonstration

Building Microservices With Spring Architecture Challenges &  Solutions

Microservices Configuring Spring Cloud

 Microservices Configuring Spring Cloud Configuring The Server

 Microservices Configuring Spring Cloud Configuring The Client

 Microservices Configuring Spring Cloud Refreshing Cloud Configuration

 Microservices Configuring Spring Cloud Encryption With Cloud Config Server

 Microservices Configuring Spring Cloud Passing Decrypted Values To Clients

Eureka Service Registry Discovery

 Learning Service Registry Discovery Eureka Server

 Learning Service Registry Discovery Redundant Eureka Servers

 Learning Service Registry Discovery Registering Eureka Clients

 Service Registry Discovery Working With Eureka Clients Programmatically

 Learning Service Registry Discovery Service Discovery With Resttemplate

 Building Microservices Hystrix Project

 Building Microservices Circuit Breaking With Hystrix

 Building Microservices Hystrix Configuration

 Building Microservices Hystrix Dashboard

Building Microservices With Spring Microservice Project Setup

 Building Microservices With Spring Client Project Setup

 Building Microservices With Spring Ribbon Configuration


Building Microservices Zuul Project Setup

 Building Microservices Proxying With Zuul

 Building Microservices Routing Configuration

 Building Microservices Zuul Filters

Learning Security Postman Installation

 Learning Security Authorization Server Setup

 Learning Security OAuth Resource Server Setup

 Learning Security OAuth Client Configuration

 Learning Security Database Schema Setup

 Learning Security Client and Token Management With JDBC/NoSQL

 Learning Security Standalone Resource Server



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