Tableau Training

Tableau Training Overview

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Be an analyst, developer, manager or team leader, viewing the data in most relevant way is very much important and has become a need in today’s world. Tableau is a business intelligence software that helps people see and understand their data as information.

Tableau Training Objective

Transform data into actionable insights.
Explore with limitless visual analytics.
Build dashboards and perform ad hoc analyses in just a few clicks.
Share your work with anyone and make an impact on your business.

Tableau Training Audience

Software professionals
People who are in reporting – Finance, Business, Health, etc.
Graduates of any stream with the basics of computing knowledge.

Tableau Training Prerequisites

 Basics of SQL – Joins, Unions
 Basic maths, analytics, English and logical constructions


Tableau Training Outline

Data source page, dimensions, measures, discreet, continuous, marks card, rows, columns, show me, data
types, & analytics Pane.

Line, bar, stacked, side by side, dual-line, combination, pie, word cloud, treemap, heat map, crosstab, bubble graph, donut, bump, waterfall, Pareto, cohort, bullet, pie, motion, scatter plot & boxplot.

Maps, editing map locations, formatting, data layers, spatial grouping, map tools & radial distance.

Row level, parameters, table level, LOD & view level.

Filters, groups, aliases, sort, formatting, hierarchy, sets – constant, computed & combined.

Trend lines, ref – line, band & distribution, forecast, cluster.

Joins, unions, blend, cross data joins, pivot, automatic/custom splits & data interpreter.

Device preview, size, actions & objects.



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